The Yu-Gi-Oh ‘Duel Links’ Card Trader Game for Mobiles

The Yu-Gi-Oh is an online game for mobiles and this game was played by using power cards so it is also called as Trading Card Game. It will be very interesting to play because it creates a virtual environment for playing the cards. A decks contains collection of cards, this game allow players to create individual decks of cards collected from the booster packs. The cards are providing some different powers to the players for attack their opponent. At the time of playing the duel is engaged by only two players.

The Concept and How to play Yu-Gi-Oh Game:

There are two players in this game for playing Yu-Gi-Oh by using the power cards. If consider you are the one player and should have one opponent to play with you. Both you are having your own deck that contains multiple cards with different powers. First you have to choose your character to play and click play button. Then select the power card which you want to place that on the virtual board. Then place it on that board like this way you have to attack and finally destroy your opponent by using your power cards. After three traps the chance will be go to your opponent.

Starter Deck – Yuya:

The starter deck yuya is a pre-constructed deck and it makes the perfect way for new duelist to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game. The Yuya will create another way for duelist to obtain popular cards to build out their decks. An each start deck yuya has contains the following power cards,

  • 35 Commons
  • 3 Super Rare’s
  • 2 Ultra Rare’s
  • 3 Token Cards

Each card had different powers to attack the opponent’s card.

Booster Packs:

The Yu-Gi-Oh Duel link game has provides the following booster packs to the players.

  • Pendulum Evolution
  • Maximum Crisis
  • Start Pack – Battle Royal
  • Fusion Enforcers
  • Raging Tempest
  • Destiny Soldiers
  • The Dark Illusion
  • Millennium Pack
  • Wing Raiders and etc.
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These packs are very useful to attack your opponent in an easy way.

Tournaments in Yu-Gi-Oh Game:

This game is also allowing players to play the tournaments. Some tournaments names are listed below.

  • Nezukray Cup #1
  • Torneo de los mundoss
  • The Grand Tournament and etc.

If you win those tournaments you will get the Championship for that tournament’s.

Decks, Deck Box and Deck List:

The decks will contain no of cards like 40-60 with different powers. The deck box is used to protect your decks, it is also called as deck case. The deck boxes are generally constructed from plastic or cardboard. The deck lists are used when a duelist enters a tournament and they asked to submit a deck list.

If you use all opportunity in correct manner you can win the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game successfully and moved to next level. Likewise all the levels need to be completed in the proper manner.

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