Super Mario 64 Game Review

Not matter how many new games and gaming consoles come out in the market,(i.e.: Playstation 3, X-Box 360 and the Nintendo Wii) there is nothing better then going back to the retro times. Not too long ago, I dusted off my Nintendo 64, and decided to give a classic Super Mario 64 a try. Despite that this game made its first debut in the year of 1996, in my opinion, I was still pretty darn good for a classic game. There is just something about going back to that same journey of rescuing the Toadstool Princess from the evil grasp of Bowser, that makes this game so good. As usual, our friend Mario is found in a predicament in which he must save the princess and everybody hold their breath for Mario’s next move.
There are a whooping total of 15 amazing level to navigate, each with specific tasks one must complete. And along the way, one finds themselves battling the likes of Bowser. On the other hand, there are also aid that tremendously help Mario in his treacherous journey such as the three powerful caps. There are the Wing, Metal, and the Invisible Caps(which are pretty self-explanatory).

I did some further analysis on this classical game and found out that there is actually 120 Power Stars in the entire game, so your journey isn’t over after you have defeated Bowser, because you must look for these “hidden” Power Stars(which I am still in the process of doing). Some of my sources tell me that once you gain these stars, some secret unlock from the castle, so they encourage to keep on trying. To make my point in the beginning, classics never get old. In 2003, Gamecube launched a remake of Mario 64 under the title Super Mario Sunshine, in which you obtain these 120 Stars (which are renamed Shine Sprites) in order to restore peace, that Bowser stole, to Delfino Island, and instead of Caps, Mario obtains nozzles that are attached to his back. If that is not enough, Wii also launched Super Mario Galaxy, which again is another remake of this game.

Overall, I was glad that I played this game because this is one of the best games I have played in a very long time, and it wasn’t as casual as Mario Kart and Paper Mario. If you haven’t played Super Mario 64, you need to play this game. I wouldn’t know where people actively sell retro games, but try your luck.

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