Getting the Dragon City Hack

In the past few years Dragon City has become one of the most popular games to be played online by mobile apps both on Android and iOS and not just by kids, everyone is crazy for Dragon City this addictive game which is about breeding great and cute little dragons each one of which have distinctive qualities to use in battle later on. This is a multiplayer app that’s the most fun to play in company. There is just one tiny thing about the game.

How to get a Dragon City hack?

  • Via a script: this is the easiest way to hack dragon city without having to download anything on your Desktop. This should be the preferred method and also the safest so that you don’t get a virus or any other interesting thing on your device. Scripts help generate gold, gems and food.
  • Via a transit page to Facebook: Dragon City is an app that can be reached through facebook on Desktop, that’s why most hacks also can be reached by you letting a page know your Facebook login credentials. This may have consequences, maybe not as bad as downloading a virus but it can definitely jeopardize your privacy. Visit forums to see which pages look more trusted and are more trusted in the eyes of those who actually tried them.
  • Straight through a website: There are online app sites for this game that can deliver hacks to your game. This is a very popular way to get to hacks because again, this also doesn’t require a download and still can offer.
  • Mobile based hacks: Android specically has lots of sites offering hacks because it’s more open to downloading these. iOS devices are way harder.
  • The downloadable hacks from user forums: these are tons of hacker and gamer forums which offer full program packages for free or in return for a smaller sum. Unless this is verified from tons of users and the reviews look to be real, I do not suggest you download anything onto your Desktop from untrusted resources.
  • Hacks in form of a program as a torrent: torrents are a little bit better than all open packs if you decide to download them from a well trusted torrent site which are least runs them through a basic check. However, these are not guaranteed. Only download them if you are helped with tons of reviews and a high number of downloads.


Important to note!  Do not wish „ endless” from anything. It can jeopardize your whole game. Be happy for a few extras you can work with but don’t abuse hacks or some of the devs can actually pick up on you having tons of gems out of the blue and may decide to pull your account down for this reason. Also, greediness and winning though a lot of cheating is not a good look.

Hope you learned from this article and will choose a hack well and wisely when it comes to Dragon City.

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