Earn Diamonds for free in Hay Day

Hay Day is a great mobile game that has been absolutely in line with our running lifestyle. This means that the game is very dynamic, you will be able to earn and achieve a lot in a relatively short time and it’s all in all easy to play. The game is a classic farming game and therefore it has absolutely no restrictions on who can play it, it’s for everyone and that’s exactly why it’s grown to become one of the most popular games ever to be played on a gadget.

What can you earn while playing Hay Day?

While playing the game you will earn coins for the trading you do and for the goods that you sell therefore earning coins will be easy. However as you grow you will face difficulties if your storage space is not in line with the goods that you harvest.

You will earn diamonds while leveling up, while connecting with Facebook for the first time and you can also randomly find them on either your or on others’ farms. As you are progressing with the game, it will get harder and harder to find diamonds and as many players don’t know how important they will get (especially as the level up process also gets slowed down) the need for diamonds will exponentially grow from a certain point, especially when it comes to you having to expand your land.

As you can see finding and earning diamonds is way harder than earning coins, and that’s exactly why many players turn to Hay Day Hacks, to earn diamonds quickly and easily.

At the start the player only has a couple of animals: 2 cows, 2 pigs and 2 chicken.  They need to harvest crops and seed it according to what the animals eat. The more they eat the more they give back. You can grow the farm organically on the given area for a while, but as everything grows and the number of animals also go up, sooner or later the player won’t be able to do everything without wanting to expand the area.


How to get Hay Day Hacks?

Hay Day hacks are pretty easy to get because the web is full of the websites offering quick and easy upload with the help of a proxy and a script, which means that there is nothing you need to download, like this for example http://hay4hack.com/ , upload all you need to do is to connect your mobile device with the page and follow the instructions, so that you will be able to gain diamonds.

With Hay Day hacks you will be able to reach a sudden growth of land, buy specific devices and buy yourself time when you want to achieve a goal but you ran out of time. You can also use them to quicken the growth of your crops. However, my suggestion for everyone is not to go too reliant on hacking because they have the tendency to make things all too easy. Go for just the amount you definitely need and earn the rest organically.

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