Dingoo A-320 a Great All Around Portable Entertainment System

There are tons of Mp3 players out there. There are also many video game consoles out there. the Dingo A-320 is more then either. The Dingoo A-320 is a combination of video games console and mp3 player. The big question is it worth getting this product and if you get it what are you getting it for?
The Dingoo is a China made product. There are many similar China made products that mix games and mp3 players but they are not anywhere near as good as the A-320. Most of the China made products are junk. Many break, many are only for sale in China and imported to the US. Most have no updates for the US. The Dingoo can actually be bought in the US like its any other China made but US product. The Dingoo has a large following online and updates are available. Besides updates the machine itself is built well and does not break easily like other China machines.

The Dingoo plays all kinds of media. The Dingoo plays mp3’s. The machine also plays most movie files live avi and other popular files. You also get a FM radio. The machine holds an impressive 4gb and has expansion slots for up to 8gb more.

One of the biggest sellers for the machine is not being an mp3 player. The biggest seller for the machine is the games that you can play. The Dingoo officially plays GBA, NES, SNES, and Sega games. On top of the games systems that it plays for there are also other systems that play on the system.

Besides mp3 players and video games the machine also records music. The Dingoo also holds pictures. One more a great thing that this machine can do is that it can be used as an ebook reader. Not only can you save ebooks on the Dingoo but it will even read the books to you if you want.

The Dingoo A-320 does a lot of things at once. The price range from $80-100. While there may be similar machines from China that are about half price they do not do as much or work as well. The Dingoo is a pretty good deal at that price. At this price you can use the Dingoo as a 4gb mp3 player which is a bit expensive for a 4gb mp3 player. A ebook reader would go for about $100 or more so that makes the Dingoo a good price. Many of the game systems you can buy for less but you can get games cheaper online and you get multiple systems which makes the price a good deal. If you take advantage of all that the Dingoo has to offer then it is a good deal.

While alone the Dingoo may be an expensive item for some of its features with all the features that it offers it is a good deal. Some features alone are worth the money such as the ebook reader. If you are looking for a all in one system then this is great.

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