Cityville Reaches 100,000,000 Monthly Users

Cityville has over 100,000,000 players on a monthly basis making it one of the fastest growing online games on Facebook. That is a lot of building towns and cities on Cityville, I am addicted to the free online game, but it’s a good addiction.
It seems there is no stopping this free city building game on Facebook, Cityville has what it takes to get legions of addicted players. Inside Social Games is reporting that the newest game by Zynga, title CityVille has over a hundred million monthly players. Over 18 million people play it on a daily basis. With numbers like that, the question is not who plays Cityville online, but it’s who does not play the free game.

I have been playing this free game Cityville by Zynga since mid-December when it had been online for a few weeks. One of the best things about it is the amount of people who also play it. The more neighbors you have the easier it is to play and rack up those experience points.

They are easy to add as neighbors and you can easily add them. The ‘my neighbor’ tab within the game shows you who plays it. Add as many of those people as you can but you can also visit this article that I wrote about enlisting those on your Facebook friend’s list as neighbors.

When you visit a neighbor in the free game, you are given energy. However, on your own game of Cityville you need plenty of energy to play freely. Of course, in order to get experience points one needs to know how to get energy and try me its easy if you know how. The best way is to donate energy to your neighbors and pray they give it back to you.

Being a new game there are not many real cheats for Cityville online but there plenty of pages where one can learn how to get Cityville coins quickly, the best crops to plant, how to make money with franchises as well as other assorted game tips.

Cityville is poised to overtake Farmville another Zynga game that became quite popular, we just need to sit back and watch it happen.


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