Super Mario 64 Game Review

Not matter how many new games and gaming consoles come out in the market,(i.e.: Playstation 3, X-Box 360 and the Nintendo Wii) there is nothing better then going back to the retro times. Not too long ago, I dusted off my Nintendo 64, and decided to give a classic Super Mario 64 a try. Despite that this game made its first debut in the year of 1996, in my opinion, I was still pretty darn good for a classic game. There is just something about going back to that same journey of rescuing the Toadstool Princess from the evil grasp of Bowser, that makes this game so good. As usual, our friend Mario is found in a predicament in which he must save the princess and everybody hold their breath for Mario’s next move.
There are a whooping total of 15 amazing level to navigate, each with specific tasks one must complete. And along the way, one finds themselves battling the likes of Bowser. On the other hand, there are also aid that tremendously help Mario in his treacherous journey such as the three powerful caps. There are the Wing, Metal, and the Invisible Caps(which are pretty self-explanatory).

I did some further analysis on this classical game and found out that there is actually 120 Power Stars in the entire game, so your journey isn’t over after you have defeated Bowser, because you must look for these “hidden” Power Stars(which I am still in the process of doing). Some of my sources tell me that once you gain these stars, some secret unlock from the castle, so they encourage to keep on trying. To make my point in the beginning, classics never get old. In 2003, Gamecube launched a remake of Mario 64 under the title Super Mario Sunshine, in which you obtain these 120 Stars (which are renamed Shine Sprites) in order to restore peace, that Bowser stole, to Delfino Island, and instead of Caps, Mario obtains nozzles that are attached to his back. If that is not enough, Wii also launched Super Mario Galaxy, which again is another remake of this game.

Overall, I was glad that I played this game because this is one of the best games I have played in a very long time, and it wasn’t as casual as Mario Kart and Paper Mario. If you haven’t played Super Mario 64, you need to play this game. I wouldn’t know where people actively sell retro games, but try your luck.

Realistic Mobile Game improves your interest in real farming

Hay Day is played on the mobile, but by playing this game with a keen interest, one can improve the efficiency level in real life. As the game covers farming in its entirety with all relevant details while playing the game one can open up a logical imagination in farming. The game starts up quite easily and gradually with the passage of time the gamer can master playing the game. As in real life with intelligent selling and buying the farmers improves farming, the game also demands a sincere effort from the gamer to invest and churn out money through proper interaction and proper techniques of playing.

Procedure for playing Hay Day

Installing the game

First, the player has to determine, one’s application status, as the downloading versions are different for Android OS or Mac OS. If the player has the latest android version, then the game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But if the player can afford an iPhone or an expensive Apple device then the application can be easily downloaded from iTunes.

Knowing to play through the tutorials

On being first introduced to the game, the player is introduced to the character of a scarecrow that would serve as the perfect catalyst for proceeding with the game. The basics of the game will be made understood. The text bubbles should be read carefully so that the player gets to know what is to be done and what are the laid down instructions. The tutorials teach the player to know the techniques of painting the houses, harvesting the crops, planting new crops and finding a perfect name for the firm.

Techniques of planting the initial crops

Ones the players know all the procedures of playing the games and have got all the information related to the tutorials, the players can start off with three plots of lands for growing crops in the initial stage of the game. Clicking on the empty plots can make one get hold of them and initiate the participants to fill the plots with crops. Soon the player will have a firm to work with. The perfect and balanced using of the crops will surely make you fetch uncountable numbers of gold and make you have an increase in your game level.

Crowding your firm with enough numbers of livestock

While playing the game Hay Day, the player would be then instructed to click on those animal pens with red houses and then make the selection of the variety of livestock that the player would like to choose for filling up the firm. The player can drag the chosen animal with the animal pen to make the purchase, and this will make the player have increased in the level and earned him more of the hay day guide for gold. The player must remember that the food to be produced for the livestock needs to be created in the firm itself. One important point to remember is when a wild fox tries to attack the chickens in the firm; the player needs to go on clicking on the fox to keep it away from the chicken.

Perfect use of diamond according to need

Using the diamond can make the player increase ones level and speed up ones game. This would surely increase ones progress. The player must know to make a diamond stocking that can serve the purpose throughout the game. It’s advisable not to spend off all the diamond during the initial levels of the game. The diamonds can also be purchased with earned money while being in the game.

Get access to any Facebook account you want!

Facebook Hack – Get Access To Another’s Account With Ease

Now social media become an important part of our life and also affect our life on a high level. There are many different apps existing on the internet by which people can enjoy their social life. When it comes to the apps which are in the top list then we can’t ignore the name of Facebook. Facebook is a most popular app and has a significant role in the social media. Mostly everyone has their profile on Facebook and they are enjoying the awesome features. Most of the people are considering Facebook for sharing their memorable moments with their friends and relatives. Now many parents are also aware of the safety of their kids and they want to know about their kid’s social life. This is a daunting task which is only possible with the Facebook hack. Now every parent can easily make an eye on their children’s social life with ease. They need to only go to such hack tools and get the best benefits and desired results.


Online Accessing

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Safe And Secure


Most of the people are now using different tools which help the users to get access to the other’s Facebook account. Most of the people are hacking each other’s account for fun and entertainment. It is really not easy to hack any of the accounts but you can easily do it with the help of hacking tools. Now the demand of hacking tools is also increasing and making their significant place in the heart of different users. You can easily use such hack tool without the unnecessary worries about your safety and security. They provide you a safe and secure way of hacking and getting the awesome experience. Many of the hack tools are not safe and also may cause different problems to your devices. You should consider the safety of your device while using the hack tools. Safety is always important which also need a lot of concentration of the users.

Dingoo A-320 a Great All Around Portable Entertainment System

There are tons of Mp3 players out there. There are also many video game consoles out there. the Dingo A-320 is more then either. The Dingoo A-320 is a combination of video games console and mp3 player. The big question is it worth getting this product and if you get it what are you getting it for?
The Dingoo is a China made product. There are many similar China made products that mix games and mp3 players but they are not anywhere near as good as the A-320. Most of the China made products are junk. Many break, many are only for sale in China and imported to the US. Most have no updates for the US. The Dingoo can actually be bought in the US like its any other China made but US product. The Dingoo has a large following online and updates are available. Besides updates the machine itself is built well and does not break easily like other China machines.

The Dingoo plays all kinds of media. The Dingoo plays mp3’s. The machine also plays most movie files live avi and other popular files. You also get a FM radio. The machine holds an impressive 4gb and has expansion slots for up to 8gb more.

One of the biggest sellers for the machine is not being an mp3 player. The biggest seller for the machine is the games that you can play. The Dingoo officially plays GBA, NES, SNES, and Sega games. On top of the games systems that it plays for there are also other systems that play on the system.

Besides mp3 players and video games the machine also records music. The Dingoo also holds pictures. One more a great thing that this machine can do is that it can be used as an ebook reader. Not only can you save ebooks on the Dingoo but it will even read the books to you if you want.

The Dingoo A-320 does a lot of things at once. The price range from $80-100. While there may be similar machines from China that are about half price they do not do as much or work as well. The Dingoo is a pretty good deal at that price. At this price you can use the Dingoo as a 4gb mp3 player which is a bit expensive for a 4gb mp3 player. A ebook reader would go for about $100 or more so that makes the Dingoo a good price. Many of the game systems you can buy for less but you can get games cheaper online and you get multiple systems which makes the price a good deal. If you take advantage of all that the Dingoo has to offer then it is a good deal.

While alone the Dingoo may be an expensive item for some of its features with all the features that it offers it is a good deal. Some features alone are worth the money such as the ebook reader. If you are looking for a all in one system then this is great.

Cityville Reaches 100,000,000 Monthly Users

Cityville has over 100,000,000 players on a monthly basis making it one of the fastest growing online games on Facebook. That is a lot of building towns and cities on Cityville, I am addicted to the free online game, but it’s a good addiction.
It seems there is no stopping this free city building game on Facebook, Cityville has what it takes to get legions of addicted players. Inside Social Games is reporting that the newest game by Zynga, title CityVille has over a hundred million monthly players. Over 18 million people play it on a daily basis. With numbers like that, the question is not who plays Cityville online, but it’s who does not play the free game.

I have been playing this free game Cityville by Zynga since mid-December when it had been online for a few weeks. One of the best things about it is the amount of people who also play it. The more neighbors you have the easier it is to play and rack up those experience points.

They are easy to add as neighbors and you can easily add them. The ‘my neighbor’ tab within the game shows you who plays it. Add as many of those people as you can but you can also visit this article that I wrote about enlisting those on your Facebook friend’s list as neighbors.

When you visit a neighbor in the free game, you are given energy. However, on your own game of Cityville you need plenty of energy to play freely. Of course, in order to get experience points one needs to know how to get energy and try me its easy if you know how. The best way is to donate energy to your neighbors and pray they give it back to you.

Being a new game there are not many real cheats for Cityville online but there plenty of pages where one can learn how to get Cityville coins quickly, the best crops to plant, how to make money with franchises as well as other assorted game tips.

Cityville is poised to overtake Farmville another Zynga game that became quite popular, we just need to sit back and watch it happen.


Inside Social Games article —Be my neighbor —Cheats—Easy ways to get energy—

Effortless coins —Cityville Franchises—Tips and hints—Game review—

Profitable crops

Why the Tomb Raider PC Games are Still Worth Playing

Way back in 1995, I got into PC video game playing, starting with Doom 2 and Shadow Warrior. With those games I received a demo for one of the Tomb Raider PC games, Tomb Raider 3. After having the main character in that game pull the first switch, I spent hours trying to figure out where the zip line I saw overhead went and how to get to the area across the river. After finally realizing that the switch I pulled had opened a door back in the previous area that would lead me to where I needed to go, I was already hooked. Doom and Shadow Warrior were left behind in the dust and I became a Tomb Raider PC games devotee.
If shoot-em-up games have become boring or were never really your thing in the first place, you do have other options for PC game playing even while still getting some trigger-happy action. Below, I give you four of the best reasons why you’ll come to love Tomb Raider PC games once you give them a try.


You can make Lara Croft (the main character in the game and the one you’ll be controlling) perform several actions to get her where she needs to go. In all of the games, you can make her walk, run, jump forwards or hop backwards.

Starting with Tomb Raider 3, you can also make her sprint, kneel, crawl, do front/back/side flips, and even jump and flip forward or backward with a half twist to turn around and land facing the other direction. You can also make her do a standing roll, or a diving roll while sprinting. In the newer games (Tomb Raider 4 and higher), she can reach up and travel across areas on monkey bars in the ceiling, traversing around corners while climbing, climb and slide down poles, and climbing and swinging on ropes.

There are even some neat Tomb Raider PC game tricks that have been uncovered by players that aren’t in the instruction manual with the games, like making Lara reach to climb onto a block, do a press to handstand then a back walkover to stand up on the block; or have her do diving rolls off a high cliff into the water like a diver.


Even though the Tomb Raider PC games give Lara plenty of weapons and ammunition to shoot enemies with, this isn’t a shoot-em-up game. Each game has its own mystery, usually based around finding ancient artifacts, which Lara has to solve. She solves puzzles, finds clues, and goes through obstacle courses to get to the next level. And each level ties in neatly with the last one and the next one to come, sometimes even making Lara go back and forth in the levels to pick up more clues.

Beautifully Designed Locations

In Tomb Raider PC games, you’ll take Lara all around the world. In the very first Tomb Raider game, Lara has adventures in Peru, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. And in the Tomb Raider 3 game alone, she travels even wider: from the jungles and temples of India, to the high security compound of Area 51 in Nevada, to villages and temples in the South Pacific, to the streets of London, to mines and a lost city in Antarctica!

The first couple of games are pretty standard, but really starting with Tomb Raider 3 the graphics are less pixelated and you get some atmospheric effects added in with that better graphic quality, like rain and snow and mist.

Throughout the Tomb Raider PC games, you’ll be sorely tempted to have Lara explore around and sight-see the vast, wide open spaces that she enters. In doing so, you might find save game crystals, extra ammo and weapons, or hidden enemies.

Suspense and Surprise

This mostly comes in the form of surprise attacks from the enemy. The enemies range from animals (like dogs, tigers, bulls, and bears) to humans (guards, commandos, and hit men) to insects (spiders and locusts) to even mythological creatures like mummies and the Minotaur. Sometimes all Lara has to do is pick something up or move a block or a switch in order to trigger a charging enemy onto the scene.

Music is sometimes used in these Tomb Raider PC games to alert you when an attack is coming, similar to the way horror movies use music to make the audience jump. But other times you’ll have no idea until the bad guy starts clubbing or shooting at Lara.

As for other surprises, whenever Lara pulls a switch or places an item in a niche, you’ll be holding your breath to see what happens next. Sometimes you might trigger spikes to repeatedly spring up from the floor, poisonous darts to start shooting across an upcoming hallway Lara will have to go through, doors to open that previously held unknown enemies, or even the room behind Lara to turn upside down or go through some other drastic change.

Tomb Raider now has more than a decade long history with 11 games (and still counting) that have come out. They are constantly improving not just the look of the game and Lara, but the weapons she has, the moves she can do and the new places they can take her, the enemies she faces, and the locations she visits in her quests. If you’re looking for a PC game to fall in love with, the Tomb Raider PC games fit the bill.

The Yu-Gi-Oh ‘Duel Links’ Card Trader Game for Mobiles

The Yu-Gi-Oh is an online game for mobiles and this game was played by using power cards so it is also called as Trading Card Game. It will be very interesting to play because it creates a virtual environment for playing the cards. A decks contains collection of cards, this game allow players to create individual decks of cards collected from the booster packs. The cards are providing some different powers to the players for attack their opponent. At the time of playing the duel is engaged by only two players.

The Concept and How to play Yu-Gi-Oh Game:

There are two players in this game for playing Yu-Gi-Oh by using the power cards. If consider you are the one player and should have one opponent to play with you. Both you are having your own deck that contains multiple cards with different powers. First you have to choose your character to play and click play button. Then select the power card which you want to place that on the virtual board. Then place it on that board like this way you have to attack and finally destroy your opponent by using your power cards. After three traps the chance will be go to your opponent.

Starter Deck – Yuya:

The starter deck yuya is a pre-constructed deck and it makes the perfect way for new duelist to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game. The Yuya will create another way for duelist to obtain popular cards to build out their decks. An each start deck yuya has contains the following power cards,

  • 35 Commons
  • 3 Super Rare’s
  • 2 Ultra Rare’s
  • 3 Token Cards

Each card had different powers to attack the opponent’s card.

Booster Packs:

The Yu-Gi-Oh Duel link game has provides the following booster packs to the players.

  • Pendulum Evolution
  • Maximum Crisis
  • Start Pack – Battle Royal
  • Fusion Enforcers
  • Raging Tempest
  • Destiny Soldiers
  • The Dark Illusion
  • Millennium Pack
  • Wing Raiders and etc.
  • Available duel links hack from the internet

These packs are very useful to attack your opponent in an easy way.

Tournaments in Yu-Gi-Oh Game:

This game is also allowing players to play the tournaments. Some tournaments names are listed below.

  • Nezukray Cup #1
  • Torneo de los mundoss
  • The Grand Tournament and etc.

If you win those tournaments you will get the Championship for that tournament’s.

Decks, Deck Box and Deck List:

The decks will contain no of cards like 40-60 with different powers. The deck box is used to protect your decks, it is also called as deck case. The deck boxes are generally constructed from plastic or cardboard. The deck lists are used when a duelist enters a tournament and they asked to submit a deck list.

If you use all opportunity in correct manner you can win the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game successfully and moved to next level. Likewise all the levels need to be completed in the proper manner.

Fable: The Lost Chapters: Do Not Miss the Experience!

My first experience with Fable was 2 months ago when I borrowed the game from a good friend. I played the game all the way through, and loved it so much that I went out and bought myself a copy.
First of all, I was amazed by the graphics. The opening intro isn’t much, but once the game actually begins there is a huge improvement. I was playing on a PC with a 2.99 GHz processor and an Nvidia 6800 chip. This is a little dated now, but the graphics were very good, in comparison to previous titles released for the PC.

The Game runs very smoothly, no crashing or major glitches that interfere with game play. If you have a creative soundcard, I would advise getting updates from their website before installing the game, because with the wrong device driver, the game will not run. The controls are easy and plentiful (meaning that there are lots of keys to press that each have a different use) and customizable options. The camera angles are easily adjusted with the mouse while playing, allowing the player to view the action from any angle.

The Game itself is an amazing experience for any gamer. The depth of the game is immense; the player takes control of all physical aspects of the character from hairstyle and body build to custom tattoos. As the game continues on, the character ages, and players are given the choices of performing tasks which affect the alignment modifier. The alignment modifier is the measure of good or evil in a character. The more evil deeds, the uglier and more feared the character becomes, and the more good deeds that the player carries out, the more beautiful the character becomes, which will have both ladies and men alike falling head over heels. The game allows players to travel freely from place to place, meet people, make friends (or kill them) trade between shops for profit and so much more with lots of humor along the way.

There are 4 ways to combat in the game; Melee weapons, fist fighter, mage, or archer. You can choose a method that is comfortable to you at any time. You earn experience depending on how you fight, so the game supports shifts in fighting style based on user preference.

The storyline expands on the original Xbox game by adding a different ending, more characters and more quests. In general it follows the generic hero journey outline; separation from the known world, refusal of the call to adventure, responding to the call, the initiation, trials, training, more trials, the cave, transformation, etc.

I don’t want to give away the story, but you start out as a young boy in a small village earning money to pay for your sister’s birthday present. Then, bandits take over the town and burn everything; you are taken to the guild of heroes to begin your training. From there your quest is to find your family and get revenge on the one responsible for ruining your life.

Overall the game takes about 25 hours to complete, but with lots of room to explore, and many side quests, you will not be left bored. I highly recommend this to any gamer.

Super Mario run hack- Super generator tool for fun game play

Now, there is good news for all the game lovers. There is a new version of hack tool introduced such as super Mario run hack by the experienced programmers. It is a complete safe, secure and also reliable program tool that includes a plenty of amazing features. It allows the players to access and generate unlimited amount of resources for free. So you can add resources as much as you want more easily for your game play. The specialty of this online hack tool is need not to download anything on your devices such as mobile, PC, tablets and any other smart devices. By using this amazing online hack application, you can add your favorite items into your game account.

The super Mario run hack is a completely online based tool : it has the capability to happen everything possible as quickly and safely as possible. It also provides an encrypted connection to all the users and enables them to visit online for free without adding much more add-ons to your devices. This superior online game is now available for all the players that are delighted to offer everything for the players. It also has an ability to generate unlimited coins for you quickly in the game at present and forever too. Even you can also use this tool directly over the internet without any root or jailbreak on android and iOS devices.

Gain better experience with effective super Mario run hack tricks

Presently, there are so many fantastic websites available to offer effective tips and tricks for super Mario run hack. The game developers has released an awesome online generator hack tool online that allows the user to enter their username or email to get access of all the resources that they want. This online hack tool is very, easy, efficient and snappy to use.

Before released, this tool has been codified by the professional game developers who are always dealing with the anti-ban systems. Once you begin to play this tool online, you will get permit on all resources such as coins and other resources you want. By this way, you can use this tool for free and also obtain the resources as well as game coins you want.

How to get access to super Mario run cheats?

When you desire to use this super Mario run hack, first of all you should complete the fundamental human verification algorithm. This will enables you to collect and transfer all the game resources into the super Mario run hack account. If you fail to do this step, you will be remaining blocked and waiting for an input from the user.

In order to do the human verification, you need to use this online hack cheat tool and also give your personal mobile number as well to receive the human verification code and confirmation rinserirlo PIN from the web page. Once you give all the details correct, you will be redirected to another web page with written confirmation and allows you obtain inquiries for free with 100% success.

Earn Diamonds for free in Hay Day

Hay Day is a great mobile game that has been absolutely in line with our running lifestyle. This means that the game is very dynamic, you will be able to earn and achieve a lot in a relatively short time and it’s all in all easy to play. The game is a classic farming game and therefore it has absolutely no restrictions on who can play it, it’s for everyone and that’s exactly why it’s grown to become one of the most popular games ever to be played on a gadget.

What can you earn while playing Hay Day?

While playing the game you will earn coins for the trading you do and for the goods that you sell therefore earning coins will be easy. However as you grow you will face difficulties if your storage space is not in line with the goods that you harvest.

You will earn diamonds while leveling up, while connecting with Facebook for the first time and you can also randomly find them on either your or on others’ farms. As you are progressing with the game, it will get harder and harder to find diamonds and as many players don’t know how important they will get (especially as the level up process also gets slowed down) the need for diamonds will exponentially grow from a certain point, especially when it comes to you having to expand your land.

As you can see finding and earning diamonds is way harder than earning coins, and that’s exactly why many players turn to Hay Day Hacks, to earn diamonds quickly and easily.

At the start the player only has a couple of animals: 2 cows, 2 pigs and 2 chicken.  They need to harvest crops and seed it according to what the animals eat. The more they eat the more they give back. You can grow the farm organically on the given area for a while, but as everything grows and the number of animals also go up, sooner or later the player won’t be able to do everything without wanting to expand the area.


How to get Hay Day Hacks?

Hay Day hacks are pretty easy to get because the web is full of the websites offering quick and easy upload with the help of a proxy and a script, which means that there is nothing you need to download, like this for example , upload all you need to do is to connect your mobile device with the page and follow the instructions, so that you will be able to gain diamonds.

With Hay Day hacks you will be able to reach a sudden growth of land, buy specific devices and buy yourself time when you want to achieve a goal but you ran out of time. You can also use them to quicken the growth of your crops. However, my suggestion for everyone is not to go too reliant on hacking because they have the tendency to make things all too easy. Go for just the amount you definitely need and earn the rest organically.